Production Updates

Production update 10.29.19
The following peplum crews will release sometime in the next two weeks:
  • Peplum Crews (0-3m to 8/9): storm, pine cones on natural, rosewood, micro camo, sangria, dots on oatmeal, dots on sangria, trees on honey, sangria stripe, cinnamon, narrow natural stripe, constellations faded black, rosewood, oil blue
The dates for the following items are a bit fluid right now but they should release before Black Friday- likely multiple releases:
  • Long Sleeve Tees (0-3m to 8/9): oil blue, trees on natural, olive, storm, eggplant, midnight, natural, breton stripe, fall ditsy floral, heather gray
  • Knotted Sleepers (NB to 3-6m): micro camo, maps on oil blue, constellations on navy, sage, fall dirty floral, steel blue, storm, cognac, charcoal/midnight, darker olive green, sangria
  • Trademark Hoodies (0-3m to 8/9): micro camo
  • Joggers (0-3m to 8/9): navy, oatmeal stripe, trees on honey, cinnamon, micro camo, pine cones on rosewood
  • Pullover Crews (0-3m to 8/9): cinnamon, trees on oatmeal, trees on olive, trees on honey, rosewood, fall ditsy floral, storm
  • Long Sleeve Henley Tee - new style- (0-3m to 8/9): sangria, cinnamon, olive, navy, navy plaid, breton stripe, storm, heather gray
  • Ribbon Dress (0-3m to 8/9): storm, pine cones on rosewood, dots on oatmeal, dots on sangria, fall ditsy floral, navy plaid, sangria stripe, storm stripe
  • Overalls (new style- 0-3m to 8/9): navy, sangria stripe, storm stripe, trees on olive, maps on oil blue, micro camo, storm


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