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Earlier this year, we hit our 10th anniversary! We first launched the etsy shop that grew to become Childhoods Clothing in 2012. We’ve come a long way since then—from designing patterns and sewing everything by hand in a tiny apartment, to finding small batch manufacturing, deciding to mill our own custom fabric, launching our first website, and so many more baby steps along the way. Thank you for being along for the ride!

We’re a family business making the coziest baby & toddler clothing


Our styles are made from custom milled fabric here in the USA. We work with our dye houses and illustrators to create prints and colorways exclusive to our line that are just as cozy as they are cute! All of our pieces are soft and stretchy to give the comfiest fit to fresh babes and big kids alike.


Each of our styles is designed from draft to completion by the mom of four who started the original etsy shop. Although we have a bigger team now than we did back in 2012, Meredith still personally designs most of the styles, colors, and hand draws many of the patterns and graphics!


We used to run the business just me and my husband from our home. Rolls upon rolls of fabric filled almost every room and countless orders were sewn, packaged, and shipped from there. Even with how much we’ve grown the past few years, we are still very much a small family business with a great team whose goal is to keep making the coziest clothes for your littles. 

I can’t even count how many pictures our customers have tagged us in! It’s so surreal to see your littles grow up in childhoods and your support is such a big part of how we have grown our brand! I’m amazed that this small clothing line I started back in 2012 has become what childhoods is today. It wouldn’t be anything without you guys!

MEREDITH PICKUP co-founder + creative director

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