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"Soft, cozy + darling --- it's like the unicorn of children's clothing!" -Jessie 

"Hello, I just wanted to tell you that my kids live in childhoods! Comfort is KEY around here, and often that means looking sloppy or wearing too many cartoon characters (which are not our thing). My kids can be found wearing Childhoods on a lazy Saturday & in family pictures! This says a lot about your brand. Well made, well dressed, and well loved! We are happy customers" - Jena

"Just wanted to tell you I've been meaning to place an order for over a year...I finally did and it exceeded my expectations! So soft! And so, so cute! Thank you!" –Sori

"The fabric is insane. It is the softest I've ever felt. Even my husband professes his love for the items when they show up in the mail." –Britny

"Just purchased some of the skirts and I tried it on my girl and I basically just want my girl to live in childhoods from now on! I am contemplating buying in larger sizes just to hoard!" - This Little Closet

"This is by far my favorite small shop clothing company. Probably the best review I can give is that anytime I put something of yours on my daughter she says 'cozy'. No joke. I didn't teach her that either. So your slogan is appropriate!" –Amanda

"Thank you guys for making the best clothes to let our little's do life in." - Miranda

"I first ordered my daughter a hoodie back in 2012. I always loved that hoodie and it's in many pics of her. But I couldn't remember where I had ordered it. Then I ordered some hoodies for my son this year and realized it was you! I was so excited to have some cute hoodies for him and find you again! Thank you so much for making affordable and cute clothing!!" –Alanna

"If Cru could only have ONE brand of clothing, it would be Childhoods Clothing." –Katie

"I may have slight addiction to Childhoods Clothing. Best kids line ever!!" –Holly

"We just adore the neutral tones and how all the pieces compliment one another in your line- not to mention how insanely cozy the materials feel on her delicate skin. I only wish I'd known about you guys when my boys were younger." –Paige

"Let me tell you that these clothes are so soft and have the most amazing quality!" - Breann

"Hi there, as a fellow small business owner myself, I just want to take a minute to applaud your company. I’m so happy I found you when my daughter Scarlet was a baby because she’s been wearing your clothes since she was a wee one and now she’s 2 1/2 and she’ll KEEP wearing your line until she grows too big for them." –Janelle

"True story. My son only wears your bottoms. He had to wear some khaki pants the other day (funeral- we only had one pair of dress pants) and he cried about it! He has been so spoiled in his comfy Childhoods!" - Jackie

"Boden is constantly in your stuff- my absolute favorite. It's the only stuff I save every single piece of for more babies." –Jill

"This is one of the reasons I love Childhoods: Ethically made. Love the transparency and being the cutest and comfiest kids clothes helps too!" - Aimee

"If clothes were ice cream cones, yours would include double scoops, whipped cream, sprinkles AND a cherry on top! Childhoods Clothing is the a'la mode of quality, design and style for young ones of all ages! Couldn't be happier with your pieces! New loyal customer status from here on out!" - Pink Pistachio

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